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It's telling.

The words we use. The worlds we create.  The characters we love. The loves we lose. The tales we twist. The choices we regret. The friends we betray. The promises we keep, and the ones we refuse to make. The people we invite, and the roles we play.

Stories tell us who we are. When we tell stories together, it tells us even more.

Mote is the real-time storytelling platform with the simplicity of chat.


Meet your friends in chat rooms specially designed for telling stories.


Your words are woven together into prose that reads like a book.


Experience stories all your own, that only your friends could tell.

Introducing narrative chat.

At the heart of Mote is narrative chat, a new storytelling technology that weaves what you and your friends write into a living story.

Demo of Mote chat functionality. What the player types becomes dialogue in the story.

Chat becomes dialogue in your story.

If you know how to chat, you’re ready to play.

Demo of the Mote emote functionality. The player types commands after a slash, and they become their character's actions in the story.

Emotes show what you do and feel.

Just a simple phrase can bring your character to life.

Demo of multiple perspectives in Mote. Each player sees the story told from their own character's perspective.

There’s more than one side to the story.

Each player sees the tale unfold from their character’s unique perspective.

With all that power at your fingertips, what tales will you dare to tell?

Your words, brought to life.

Mote makes it simple to play detailed and unique characters, and build rich, dynamic settings that enhance your story.

You and your friends become the characters who drive the story

  • Move the story forward by telling what your character does, says, and feels, then watch what happens next from their unique perspective
  • Make the story bigger by summoning pets you customize and control
  • Build a library of personas and pets for the characters you come back to again and again

Your room becomes a customizable, immersive setting

  • Set the scene, then change it whenever you want, all without interrupting play
  • Bring the scene to life with dynamic moods that enrich your story with atmosphere and detail
  • Start a collection of your favorite scenes and the moods that make them special

Ready to play?

Mote is now in open beta.